The Polymathica Enterprise Network

The Polymathic Enterprise Network (PEN) has been created to provide mutually enabling synergies with The Polymath, the Leonardo Network and Polymathica.  In total, these four entities will provide substantial and realistic remediation for the Inappropriately Excluded.

The Polymath is a weekly PDF general news magazine of analysis and commentary targeted at the upper 5% of the population in intellectual sophistication.  It is a free subscription that will be ad supported primarily by PEN enterprises.
Our market research suggests that its market saturation will be around 6,000,000.  Our three year goal is 4.2 million.  Circulation will be built through compensated word of mouth undertaken through its subscribers.
Leonardo is a network of writers that will be a kind of neural net that will result in virality for the best of its articles.  It may also be thought of as a blog network, similar to those associated with The Economist, Huffpost, et alia. It will be one of the first PEN projects.

Polymathica will be a social media platform similar to Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ save that, instead of being for the general Internet population, it, too, will be for the upper 5% of the population in intellectual sophistication.  It will be one of the first PEN enterprises.
PEN membership will provide four valuable tools for quickly and painlessly creating Polymathica based enterprises..  They are:
1) Jobs needed Woj.  Gates needed Allen.  Brin needed Page.  Few successful entrepreneurs are lone wolves because, alone, they are not competitive with well constructed, complimentary teams.  But where do you find your Woj, Allen or Page?  PEN is your likely answer.  As The Polymath grows to 6,000,000, PEN will grow to 50,000 Members.

2) Crowdfunding has opened up a whole new route to providing startup capital for entrepreneurs.  In theory.  In practice few entrepreneurs have a sufficiently large network of potential funders to be successful.

The primary U.S. legislation that enables the CF funding allows for limited, announcement style advertising directing interested parties to the funding platform.  There are two problems with this.  First, advertising must be paid for prior to receiving proceeds.  Second, advertising is very expensive and often eats up most of the crowd funding proceeds.

For PEN enterprises that are likely to advertise in The Polymath, the announcement ad to all subscribers is free.  Thus, in many cases, PEN membership will turn the impossible funding problem into a possible one.

3) In order to succeed, the Inappropriately Excluded often needs to find cost effective access to their audience which will likely, according to D.K. Simonson, have a mean D15IQ of 130 or more.  

When advertising you pay for all readers, viewers or listeners.  So the key to cost effective advertising is lead density.  If only 10% are potential customers, you will effectively pay five times as much for effective advertising as you will if 50% are potential customers.  For PEN enterprises The Polymath, Leonardo and Polymathica will likely be far and away the most cost effective advertising media.

Furthermore, The Polymath will often accept affiliate and pay per click advertising arrangements, which can greatly help profitability and vastly improve cash flow.

4) Many of the Inappropriately Excluded, while innovative and extremely clever, have little business experience.  This alone can eliminate traditional funding options because Angels and Venture Capitalists view the inexperience as an additional risk for failure.

PEN will attract some experienced business professionals who may take a management position or consult part time for either a fee or equity with teams with s great idea but limited experience. This will assist both in fund raising and ultimate financial success.

A Member Plan for Development
A PEN member will begin by identifying a project to either start or join.  Once the team is assembled it will complete a business plan that, among other things, will determine the funding needs of their project.

It will then crowd fund, raising up to a million dollars as needed.  It can avail itself of free announcements in The Polymath.  Its start up will be kick started by the high ROI ad options of The Polymath, Leonardo and Polymathica.

PEN plan for development
PEN will grow via affiliate ads in The Polymath, Leonardo and Polymathica, all of which are, themselves, PEN enterprises.  

In order for PEN to succeed, it will also need, early on, an advertising agency.  The Polymath, Leonardo and Polymathica all need quality monetization options and advertising projects will need expert assistance in optimizing its ad design and placement.

In total, PEN's mission statement is to create an opportunity rich and success prone productive environment for the polymathic member if the inappropriately excluded population.

Your next action
We don't want you to overthink this.  If you are a member of the inappropriately excluded population, you need to be s PEN member.  To make it simple, we are offering during our developmental phase lifetime membership (a $2,400 value) for just your first year membership of $300.  That way you can join without concern over how long it will take to get organized.

As discussed elsewhere, today one of the biggest impediments to startups is the inability to acquire sufficient contacts to have a successful crowd funding.  PEN membership allows you to bootstrap, literally from zero. 

First, do a kickstarter campaign for $500 to $1,000 using your existing contacts.  Use $300 to join PEN and use The Polymath to raise up to $1,000,000.  As we build PEN, "I can't raise the capital" should never be an excuse.

There is also a social and motivational benefit to PEN membership.  Its very easy to get into the habit of 'I know I'm underachieving, and I plan on fixing that tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes.  Once you join PEN, you are part if our community and we won't let you do that.

This is really easy.  If you are a member of the inappropriately excluded and you don't want to be, you need to join PEN now or start your kickstarter.

Use the Paypal box below to join
PEN Membership is normally $300 per year.  However, the first 150 PEN Members will be given lifetime membership for their initial payments. 

You must be a subscriber to The Polymath in order to join PEN.  When you subscribed you had a referral code, which is the same referral code that you will use to join here.  You received the code from the person who directed you to this site.  If you subscribed to The Polymath before coming here, you can enter 'subscriber' and your email will be cross referenced to the subscriber list.

Membership e-mail

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