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Crowdfunding is radically improving  how start up projects, whether enterprise, scientific, artistic or philanthropic are funded.  There is a common misconception, however, that the crowdfunding platforms can bring sufficient traffic to a crowdfunding project to fully fund it.  In truth, the vast majority of contributors must still be found by the project.

This is one place where The Polymath can be of enormous help.  Projects will be given one page to describe their project which can contain links to their pages. Upon approval, insertion is free.  Contribution based projects will be distributed to all subscribers.  Equity projects will be distributed to subscribers who have identified themselves as  accredited.  Ultimately, that may be 4,000,000 and 150,000, respectively.

A hypothetical contribution project that acquires the Kickstarter average of $37.50 from one out of one thousand subscribers can finance a $150,000 project.  An equity project that gets an average investment of $1,500 from 1% of accredited subscribers can fund a $2,250,000 start up.  The mature Crowdfunding Supplement will be a true game changer for Polymathicans.

If you think that you will ever participate in a crowdfunded project compatible with Polymathican interests and ideals, the creation of this powerful funding tool, alone, justifies support of our Kickstarter campaign.  Subscribing to The Polymath, which can be done on this page, is all you need do to consider participation.

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